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Use of peak whole-body hyperthermia in the treatment of bronchial asthma

Asthma treatment by antibiotics, hormones, and other drugs is, virtually, aimed at the arrest of the symptoms. This approach helps to get a relief for the patient. However, the whole-body hyperthermia provides a more profound effect targeted at the forced destruction of the causative factors of bronchial spasm and inflammation.


Over the years of our work, we observed the high efficiency of hyperthermia in the  treatment of bronchial asthma:

  • Major symptoms of the disease are relieved even in case of its complicated forms;
  • Factors of bronchospasm (circulating immune complexes/CICs, allergens, and other key players involved in asthma) are efficiently destroyed and eliminated from the body;
  • Rapidly restores the lung function;
  • Dependence from hormonal drugs is eliminated, which results in the recovery of immune system dysfunction caused by their use;
  • Patients observe those improvements within 1 day after the first procedure.


Blood content of allergens and circulating immune complexes (CIC) in the patients with bronchial asthma before and after the whole-body hyperthermia (WBH).