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Treatment of HBV and HCV infections by peak general hyperthermia

The success of viral hepatitis treatment is typically monitored by the reduction in the viral loads (the amount of virus in a milliliter of blood plasma). Whole-body hyperthermia is an efficient tool able to drastically reduce the viral load.

Over the period of our work we treated over 300 patients with viral hepatitis. A clinical trial with a group of 41 HCV-infected patients, who did not receive the specific antiviral therapy, was carried out to study the effects of temperature on the HCV infection.

According to our data, 3 procedures of the whole-body hyperthermia are sufficient to

  • achieve a long-term viral load reduction to the almost background levels;
  • normalize the blood markers of liver destruction;
  • considerably improve the life quality (general weakness disappears and the appetite comes back).



Hyperthermia is an efficient approach to fight the viral hepatitis and improve the patient`s life quality.