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Hyperthermia in the HIV treatment and the prevention of AIDS

The occurrence of the “silent” HIV in the latently infected cells presents a major problem to the HIV treatment, since the immune system of the patient cannot see those infected cells.

The hyperthermia treatment helps the organism to detect and fight the latent virus and to reinforce the immune response.


Over the years of our work, we treated about two hundreds HIV patients in our center.

During this time, we studied the effects of heating on the virus present in the patient`s body.

The course of treatment typically involves 1-3 procedures and takes 10 days during which the patient stays under observation at the clinic.


The effects of hyperthermia on the HIV-infectd patient

  • Supression of the HIV activity
  • Stimulation of immune response (increase in CD4 cell counts, reduction of viral loads)
  • Prevention of the AIDS stage onset
  • According to our observations, hyperthermia can turn the progressing HIV patients into non-progressors